What is Shape Up North?


Shape Up North is a community collaboration dedicated to helping northern Michigan residents benefit from healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. With encouragement and education, people of all ages, fitness levels, and sizes can achieve a level of health that allows them to take full advantage of the “up north” lifestyle. Shape Up North is a resource for anyone who is interested in health, wellness and fitness. 

Living a healthier lifestyle can and should be an enjoyable adventure. Small changes in habits at school, work, and home can have long-lasting, positive effects on your health. With an abundance of great local foods and a four-season playground right outside your door, you can lead a healthy and fit life.    


We envision a region where all citizens will achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


To achieve our vision a multifaceted approach must be used which includes schools, businesses, health care providers, and the community at large. This collaboration will work to influence sustainable change in:

  • Behavior
  • Policy
  • Social norms
  • Systems


Using the Institute of Medicine’s info graphic, Obesity: Complex but Conquerable as a guide, the Obesity Initiative has four areas of focus which include: schools, businesses, healthcare providers, and community awareness.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of Shape Up North is a collaboration which supports the vision, advocates for achieving and sustaining healthy weight in our region by leading, influencing and providing direction. The Advisory Council is made up of individuals who represent organizations that have an interest in our shared mission/vision. Advisory Council responsibilities include: attending Advisory Council meetings and providing direction and leadership to Shape Up North, which has an emphasis in impacting four focus areas in our communities: schools, businesses, health care providers, and community awareness. A representative from Munson Medical Center serves as the staff support (co-chair) of this Advisory Council along with a chairperson which is selected by the Advisory Council on an annual basis.

Task Force Work Groups

Every year the Advisory Council holds a planning meeting to set an actionable work plan for the coming year along with an overall goal to work towards over the next 3 years.  The Task Force is made up of members who have a specific interest in the activity and are willing to work to see the plan come to action.  The task force meets as needed and works collectively to achieve the overall goal. Task Force members are identified by their organization’s interests and strengths related to particular goals and activities. Each year this detailed work plan produces measurable goals and activities that outlines the multifaceted approach of Shape Up North.