Strategies for Staying Active

Make it stick

You know the benefits of exercising or else you wouldn’t be on this page.  The bigger question is HOW can you stay active? How can it become part of your day like brushing your teeth? Shape Up North is here to help you make being active a regular part of your life. 

  1. Start slowly. Start with maybe 10 or 15 minutes a couple times a week.
  2. Pick something you love to do. Love spending time with Fido? Go for a walk, it’s good for him too.
  3. Have someone make you accountable. Maybe it’s Fido’s puppy dog eyes begging for a walk or your neighbor who will share the latest neighborhood gossip with you.
  4. Try it for at least three weeks. It takes a while for new habits to form. If you don’t like something about it, try something else! Perhaps the time of day wasn’t right or your neighbor stopped too much to gab with others in your neighborhood.  Pick something new or different and try it again for three weeks.

What else can I do?

Being active is more than just what you do for exercise. It can be added into your day like any other activity!

  • Get a large balance ball to sit on at work. This will work your abs and prevent you from getting too lazy in that chair.
  • Talk a walk with a co-worker at lunch.
  • Rent workout DVDs at your local library to try something new.
  • Sign up for a local race for added motivation.  Check our events calendar to find one near you!
  • Grow a green thumb!  Gardening and yard work are a great work out, and you will have delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to boot.