Online Resources

Lack of physical activity, obesity, and poor nutrition choices can all be troublesome to your health. When health takes a backseat in your life, you become at risk for developing health issues and diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and several more.

Including physical activity and good nutrition choices in your everyday life can help reduce the chances of health issues such as obesity and diseases. There are tools to help keep you and your health on track, although they are not substitutes for talking with your doctor.

MyPlate gives you a glimpse of what your dietary, physical, and calorie needs are. This resource provides healthy eating tips, food plans, how to eat well while on a budget, and more useful information. Also available is printable information and educational materials for children.

 MyFitnessPal is a resource to help you track your weight loss goals, physical activities and food intake. Included on the website is a full database with food and their nutrition information and a calculator to determine how many calories certain activities burn. MyFitnessPal has an app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones and tablets to make tracking easier and more convenient.

Using your cell phone camera, this resource allows you to scan items at the grocery store to receive nutrition information and a rating for the food. When a food rating is low, Fooducate will provide healthier alternatives to your item. Daily tips and recipes are given on the website to keep your goals on track.

For complete information on weight and obesity, health risks, signs and symptoms, and health concerns, speak with your doctor about prevention and management.