Case Study

Shape Up North is here to help local schools incorporate health and wellness into their everyday activities.  We want a healthy lifestyle to be the norm for students and teachers, not something they have to do to meet a certain standard.

We can help at your school in different ways.  Shape Up North has access to online assessment tools to help you review what practices are currently in place and what could be implemented to improve well-being in your school.  We can connect you with local and state funders, and help write grants to get needed health-focused materials and equipment in the classrooms. 

Shape Up North has been working with a local school district to make their school environment healthier for students, teachers, staff and families.  Shape Up North first met with  school leadership to learn more about the school district.  Every school is unique and this school is no different! 


After meeting with school leadership, Shape Up North went to the drawing board. We came up with a plan that was best for this school.  This plan included helping the school apply for a grant to a Michigan-based organization.  The school got the grant!   The grant is helping this school purchase playground equipment, physical education equipment, healthy snacks for programming and providing a health curriculum that connects health to everyday lessons being taught in the classroom.  We also helped the district identify gaps and opportunities to increase learning about good nutrition and physical activity.  Together with school leaders and staff, we will be helping to write a new school wellness policy.  This school is taking steps to Shape Up!  Will your school be next?

 Contact Alyson at to find out how Shape Up North can help your school.