Strategies for Workplace Wellness

You don’t need a lot of money to start a worksite wellness program.  You can start a walking club during your lunch break or help co-workers quit smoking.  Shape Up North can help you find strategies that are just right at your workplace.  Shape Up North can meet with you to talk about what would be best for where you work. 

Here are some examples that can be implemented where you work with help from Shape Up North:

  • Take a workplace assessment
  • Start a worksite wellness committee
  • Subscribe to the Shape Up North newsletter 
  • Talk to and get support from upper management
  • Start a walking club
  • Connect with area businesses that have worksite wellness programs 
  • Offer healthier food options in the break room or vending machine
  • Talk with your insurance provider to find health and wellness discounts and programs

Check out other proven strategies on our Worksite Wellness Resources Page

Need help finding the right strategy where you work? Contact Alyson at to get help.