Stay Motivated to Exercise with These 9 Tips

Some days it's hard to get off the couch. These easy mental tricks will help you stick with your workout routine. 

  1. Never use the fact that you missed some workouts as an excuse to not workout. (That is, never say to yourself, “Well, screw it, I haven’t worked out for two weeks, so what’s the point—I’ll just quit.”) This is one of the single most important tips. Viewing your workout as a lifelong practice, not as a temporary thing to “get in shape” helps with this.
  1. Set a weekly goal for number of workouts and keep it in your mind as you map out your calendar. Say you want to workout four times a week. By Thursday night, if you’ve only worked out once, you know you have to workout three more times by Saturday at midnight—you have to. In talking with others I know who have made fitness a part of their lives, this idea of a week-by-week goal that starts anew each Sunday is a shared idea.

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