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What Makes Me Healthy


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Goal: To connect with the people of our region and inspire them to get started where they are.


Your story will make a difference



Here is an example of a mom's story:

There is never a dull moment keeping up with my sons’ fast paced schedules.  Football, hockey, rugby and baseball seasons keep them fit, but it is a daily challenge to fit in time for me.  Eating on the run doesn’t allow for the best choices which makes fitness and healthy eating extremely difficult.  My mantra is “If it was easy everyone would do it.”

Eating healthy while on the move is tough, but I have learned to pack a bag with healthy drinks and snacks, exercise daily and take time to make me a priority.  It’s a daily challenge and it isn’t easy!

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Social media is the way we stay connected, share our passions and give our friends and family a look into our world. With encouragement and education, people of all ages, fitness levels, and sizes can make changes in their health, wellness and fitness.


Write your story and the stories of others who inspire you.



What is your daily challenge in living a fit and healthy lifestyle?


How has a healthier lifestyle changed your life?


What are you doing to overcome your challenge?


Who inspires you?


What is your mantra?


Do you have a story?

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