Designing Healthy Environments at Work

Designing Healthy Environments at Work Website Find tools and resources to improve your worksite’s infrastructure to support health, physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco-free lifestyles.The following tools are available to support healthy environments at work: an assessment tool to identify changes your worksite can make to support health; a feedback report with suggestions for improvement; […]

TED Talk – How We Can Eat Our Landscapes

What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TEDSalon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their […]

Winter Walk Wednesdays

This winter, Norte! encourages people to get up, grab a friend and head outside. Their program, Winter Walk Wednesdays (WWW), is a weekly, community-wide celebration of people walking to work, school or just for fun in Traverse City. WWW starts January 11th and goes through March. Norte!—a youth-focused nonprofit dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle—was […]

How to Avoid Hidden Calories During the Holidays

How to Avoid Hidden Calories During the Holidays During the holidays, even the healthiest eaters splurge on dessert, knowing we’re consuming unnecessary calories. We’re not surprised to hear our 4-ounce slice of red velvet cake has around 400 calories—almost a quarter of the recommended daily calorie intake. But we may be surprised to hear that […]

Donate to Northern Michigan Food Pantries This Winter

Donate to Northern Michigan Food Pantries This Winter Harbor Springs-based nonprofit Manna Food Project is celebrating its 30th anniversary helping feed the hungry in Northern Michigan. Seven employees and over 250 volunteers work together on four meaningful projects: Manna’s Food Bank, Manna’s Food Rescue, Manna’s Food Pantry, and Manna’s “Food 4 Kids.” Manna’s Food Bank provides 1.5 […]