Dan Farley

My parents loved sports and it rubbed off on me. My grandfather once said, at a time when I didn’t like my parents, “be thankful for they gave you your health”. At 16, it didn’t make any sense but I now know what he meant.

Sports have kept me young and healthy however growing older has made them evolve. Moto cross is now mountain biking. Rugby is now no-check hockey, kiteboarding is now surfing, and downhill ski racing is now skate or powder skiing (unless you download an ap. that gives you your top speed when you are on a ski trip with three crazy friends!). Learning new sports is terrifying at first but aren’t all goals supposed to be. And learning is just as demanding, if not more, then when you become competent. And you get to make new friends with the same passions.

Recently I spent several days without any activities and became lethargic and moody. Life is too short for that!  A long hike with my dog and life is good again!!! Find an activity that is thrilling or relaxing and you won’t think of it as “exercising”.  You’ll want more even when you have no more to give. And you’ll make some new friends.