Sarah Eichberger – MSUe

Regular physical activity and healthy eating are values I grew up with and likely influenced my decision to study nutrition and public health as a young adult. Prior to having a child, I enjoyed participating in regular, high intensity group exercise classes. Group exercise is a great way to stay motivated and always provides a good challenge. As a full-time working mother, my priorities have shifted. I still very much value regular physical activity and the ability to attend a group exercise classes here and there, but I’ve looked for ways to be active while enjoying the company of my 2-year-old daughter, Nina.

Living on the Leelanau TART trail has positively influenced my family’s ability to be active. We enjoy regular bike rides, walks to Cedar Lake and ski the groomed trail in the winter months. It has been shown that the design and features of our community that support active living – things like trails, bike lanes, or pedestrian walkways – make it easier for everyone in the community to get more movement. I am thankful to live so close to the trail and appreciate how this element in my community supports and motivates my family to get outside.