Woody Smith

Owning my own business means that all of my “free time” goes back into my work. Making time for a workout can be hard to pull off.

I take my inspiration from the grandmothers – my Grandma (Carrita Nelson) and my wife’s Grandma Dot (Dorothy Tobin). Both women worked in hospitals while raising 4-5 kids apiece. Talk about not much free time! They stayed healthy by walking every day.

This year I have been starting my days with a brisk walk for 30 minutes every morning. I get my heart rate up a bit, enjoy the sunrise or stars and have great ‘thinking time’ to get ready for the day. When I get back, I have a sustaining breakfast so I won’t be hungry through the middle of the day. And if I miss a morning due to sleeping in, I try to make it up with an afternoon walk with my wife. That’s pretty great too!

The grandmothers paved the way…the least I can do is follow.

Woody Smith, Consultant/Business Owner