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We are the Up North community resource for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Shape Up North can help you and your family make small, long-lasting changes that make living healthy an enjoyable adventure—at any age! We offer tips, guidance, and support for individuals, schools, businesses and health care providers throughout northern Michigan.

Freya Bradford, Rotary Charities

One way our family stays healthy is by playing outside in our beautiful County as often as possible. A typical Saturday for us involves getting out our trail book, deciding where we want to hike, packing up some snacks in our backpacks, and loading up the kids and dog. One of our favorite trails is […]

Norte! Ty Schmidt

In a life full of questionable choices, 12 years ago I made a really good one. I decided to start “job sharing” with my wife, Johanna. We were then both physical therapists at a rehab clinic in Tucson, AZ, and our first son, Carter, was just born. I wanted to be there to help raise […]

Alyson Kass

“There is never a dull moment keeping up with my sons’ fast paced schedules. Football, basketball, rugby, track and baseball seasons keep them fit, but it is a daily challenge to fit in time for me. Eating on the run doesn’t allow for the best choices which makes fitness and healthy eating extremely difficult. My […]

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