5 Bike Trails for Summer Pedaling

5 Bike Trails for Summer Pedaling
Get outside this summer and explore northern Michigan by bike. These trails are perfect for both
families with young kids and avid cyclists. How? Because they offer options. Choose to ride the
full lengths or break them up into shorter sections; it’s up to you!

Leelanau Trail, Traverse City
The 17-mile, paved trail connects Traverse City and Suttons Bay going past picturesque forests,
farms, vineyards and lakes. There are three trailheads for parking located at Cherry Bend Road
(Traverse City), Fouch Road (Traverse City), and 4th Street (Suttons Bay). Trail users can also
park at the Keswick Methodist Church on Center Highway in Suttons Bay. View the interactive
trail map.

Vasa, Williamsburg
For beginners and families, choose 15 miles of fairly easy, wide trail located off Bartlett Road. A
6.5-mile loop is available there, too. Or opt for 12 miles of single-track off of Supply Road for
more adventure. Either way, there’s a great afternoon of riding ahead. View trail maps.

Glacial Hills, Bellaire
These 31.5 miles of well-maintained trail are accessible to beginners and fun for experts. The
Glacial Hills property is protected by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and is
made up of beautiful hardwood forests and wetland habitats making it the perfect home to over
a hundred species of plants and birds. Expect a gorgeous ride! The trail has three access
points: Eckhardt Road, Vandermark Road, and Orchard Hill Road. View trail maps.

Bestie Valley Trail, Frankfort
Extending from Frankfort through Beulah to Thompsonville, the 22-mile trail is a mix of asphalt
and compacted aggregate. The trail starts at Frankfort’s Lake Michigan Beach and ends at
Thompson Avenue. It can be broken up into sections: Frankfort to Mollineaux Road (6.7 miles),
Mollineaux Road to Beulah (3 miles), Beulah to Thompsonville (13 miles). View the trail map.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, Glen Arbor
This gorgeous trail currently stretches 13 miles from Empire to Port Oneida. About 3.8 miles will
be added by September 2016 extending the trail from Port Oneida Road to Bohemian Road in
Maple City. Eventually, the trail will run from Good Harbor Road in Maple City to Manning Road
south of Empire for a total of 27 miles (54 miles roundtrip!). View the interactive trail map.

By: Carly Simpson, MyNorth Media