Eat Well

Kale, the Wonder Green

Of the dark-green leafy vegetables—like collard greens, spinach and kohlrabi—kale is a nutritional standout. Munson Medical Center named kale on its Top 10 list of healthy foods, placing it in the ranks with carrots, pumpkin, red bell peppers and other fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants like beta-carotene. Keeping up on […]

Building a Child-Focused Health and Wellness Culture in Northern Michigan

Shape Up North (SUN) is a regional collaborative dedicated to helping our communities achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Coordinated by Munson Medical Center (MMC), the overall goal of this project is to change the culture for elementary school aged children to one of health, wellness and fitness by focusing on children’s’ sphere of influence […]

TBAISD Farm to School

During the 2017–2018 school year, the TBAISD Farm to School team partnered with nine area elementary schools. And at each school, they developed action plans for district needs. While each were different, they all revolved around one like-minded concept: promoting student health and wellness through engaging activities. These activities were centered around nutrition, fresh foods, and local […]