Casey Cowell

“I grew up playing all kinds of sports.  Exercise was an automatic part of my life.  That continued pretty much until I was thirty.  Then, the time requirements of family and leading a rapidly expanding business cut deep into my exercise time.  So I became a runner … a jogger really.  Never very fast, but regular, deep-breathing, heart pumping activity.  Great thing about this was I could work it into my daily life.  No matter where you are or what the circumstances, you can get a run, a jog or a brisk walk in.  Great benefits too.  Sleep better.  More alert.  Concentrate better.  And, maybe best of all, positive attitude.  I’ve come to believe that for healthful longevity and acuity of mind, all else pales in comparison to regular, brisk exercise.

Heart valve replaced in 2009.  Left hip replaced in 2011.  Right hip replaced in 2012.  That “did in” my running routine.  Not good to run due to the impact.  And, for whatever reason, I just didn’t embrace brisk walking.  Fast forward to January 2017.  I realized that the lack of brisk exercise was impacting me as mentioned above, only negatively.  So I started jogging again.  20 minutes a day right now.  I can work that in anywhere.  I’ll build from there.  Big impact:  Sleep better.  More alert.  Concentrate better.  And, maybe best of all, a really positive attitude!  Regular, brisk exercise.  You can do it anywhere and it will change your life.”